Sponsored Athlete Profile Questionnaire

Shari Onley


Sport:                             Currently American Football in Legends Football League
Age: 29
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Nationality: Australian
Profession: Founder and director of The Victory Movement, facilitating fitness and nutrition programs in high schools

A little about me:

I am full of energy and passion

I draw blood, sweat and the occasional tear

I am not afraid of the truth I make mistakes but I own them and learn

I am hard on others but always harder on myself

I am bold, strong, cynical, loyal and intense

I rise above obstacles, I thank the universe for the positive energy that fuels me

My head is always held high, I will intimidate you if you’re insecure

I chose logic over emotion, 90% of the time

The voice inside my head yells CAN


How did you get into your chosen sport?

Watching how hard the athletes in the US league hit I knew I would be suited to it.


What motivates you?

My motivation is intrinsic, I’m curious to know how great I can be. If I don’t work hard and continually push myself – how will I ever know what I'm capable of? I want to know I did everything I possibly could have to reach my goals.

I’m thankful I inspire others as a consequence of my work ethic. That actually motivates me knowing I'm a positive force.



With such a busy schedule, it’s the simple things I miss the most; reading the Sunday paper at a cafe, going to the cinema, just sitting with no where to be,  catching up with friends and family I miss alot of social events with my training commitments


Favourite Music:

Training has to have a big beat either dirty hip hop or clangin electro, either way it’s got to have a bass thump. Outside of training Beethoven, Chopin, Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu



Flexible Macronutrient controlled dieting through Natural Physique Sciences. I can essentially eat what I like providing I hit the exact protein, carb and fat intake each day. A typical week day may be the following meals

  1. Oats, chia seeds, monster milk protein powder
  2. Chicken breast, peas, pumpkin
  3. Kangaroo, beans, charisma potato
  4. Minced Turkey chilli with greens
  5. Homemade Protein pumpkin cookies
  6. Brown rice, almond butter, sugar free maple syrup, ice cream



Mon-   PM Football practice 2 hrs

Tues-   AM Speed 1 hr

PM Conditioning 30 min

Wed-   AM Strength (back squat, front squat, bench) 1 hr

PM Football practice 2 hrs

Thurs- AM Agility 1 hr

Fri-       AM Strength (deadlift, clean & jerk) 1 hr

Sat-      AM Conditioning 45 min or REST

Sun-     AM Football 3 hrs


Supplements used:

Oxy Shred


Monster Milk protein

TSN LCarnitine w green tea

Fish Oil

Magnesium calcium



Back Squat 140kg

Deadlift 145kg

Front Squat

Bench 80kg



Win LFL Inaugural 2013/2014 Legends Cup Championship

Compete in a Powerlifting Australia competition in 2014

Front Squat 120kg

Deadlift 155kg

Backsquat 140kg


Favourite Quote:

It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.


Best advice anyone’s ever given you:

Opinions are not facts.  Stop worrying about what others think of you and live your life robustly, be your unique self. When nobody celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself. When nobody compliments you, compliment yourself! It’s not up to other people to keep you encouraged. Your thoughts become your actions – don’t underestimate the power of them.


Anything else you’d like to add:

Thank you to the wonderful team at Vitamin King for supporting me since the days of Gladiators TV series. I’m very grateful for continued support from a reputable company who are loyal and ethical in what they do.  Whether it’s on the field or my next business venture I know I can rely on Team VK’s support. I would not want to be part of any other team.