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Ice Cream Strainer

Smoothie Strainer

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Enjoy a delicious smoothie or frozen dessert with friends and family to re-energise your tired body & soul.

Frozen Dessert Maker

Using the blank strainer, you'll be able to make frozen desserts

Frozen fruits are transformed into a sorbet that is easily made at home. Give your children love by making them a delicious and healthy frozen fruit dessert rather than store bought ice-cream containing nasty additives and preservatives.


Smoothie Maker

A sweet and smooth temptation by nature! Start your day off right with a simple and healthy smoothie.

Using the smoothie strainer, you'll be able to make a variety of smoothies. Not only are they easy to make, but when made with a variety of fruits and vegetables they are rich in flavor and nutrition. Easy to drink, they offer different tastes depending on the ingredients used. 


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Additional Information
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