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  • Switch Nutrition Vitality Switch 30 Serves Switch Nutrition Vitality Switch 30 Serves

Switch Nutrition Vitality Switch 30 Serves

Quick Overview

Revitalising Super Greens Wholefood Powder

SIZE: 30 Serves


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switch nutrition vitality switch healthy wholefood supplement

Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition - 100% Natural Wholefood Formula

Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition is a revolutionary superfood greens & best tasting 100% natural wholefood supplement that contains 33 ingredients which have been hand selected, plus 5 premium superfood blends to optimuse your health and performance, and revitalise your life.

Best Tasting

Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition is simply the best tasting superfood greens supplement. As many of us may have experienced with other greens formulas, which are often quite tough on your stomach, and taste just like grass. But Vitality Switch doesn't contain any grass because this is for us humans, not cows.

Marine Collagen

Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition uses wild caught sustainable marine hydrolysed collagen, which has an average molecular weight of 1000 - 2000 daltons. This ensures the greatest absorption and benefits for your hair, skin, gut and joints.

Medical Mushrooms

All the mushrooms used in Vitality Switch are certified organic and gluten free. Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition is one of the first superfood greens supplement products to contain a concentrated blend of medical mushrooms, which are the most antioxidant rich mushrooms like Arctic Chaga and Reishi to optimise your health and performance.

SUPER GREENS   Wholefood Blend

Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition uses organic, spray free and sustainably farmed super greens blend, that helps support your micronutrients. These ingredients will supply with high levels of the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that we may be missing from our daily life. Vitality Switch's Super Greens is formulated with variety of plants that help to support healthy diversity in your gut microbiome.

ORGANIC MEDICAL   Mushroom Blend

Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition is formulated with blend of Super Fungi, which helps support all vital systems of our body. Many of the organic mushrooms in Vitality Switch have been used medically for lomg time, and proving the health benefits, these medical mushrooms help enhance your vitality.


Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition is designed t support improvement of your gut health and help repair leaky gut and support healthy microbiome. Vitality Switch's gut health blend contains Wild Caught Sustainable Marine Collagen, which is 150% more bioavailable than beef/ pig collagen, that is more effective at helping to heal your gut. The probiotic blend was carefully selected for Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition, which helps kill off bad bugs, mould, yeast, parasites and viruses while supporting the development of your good healthy bacteria.


Switch Nutrition's entire formula will work together to balance your immune function and enhance detoxification, while lowering inflammation and improving your overall health. Vitality Switch is specifically formulated with Himalayan Shilajit to Vitality Switch as it’s one of the richest sources of fulvic and humic minerals. This colloidal micro mineral blend will help support your bodies daily metabolic needs.


A lot of people may have tried to live healthier by eating healthy foods and taking supplements, but thier digestive systems may not be breaking down and absorbing all the nutrients found in food. A powerful digestive enzyme combination has been added to Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition, which will help support better nutrient avsorption from the food we consume.

Why Do We Need Vitality Switch?

Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition is the best supplement product to help support our health, energy and performance. Vitality Switch is a great tasting super food blend, which is equivalent in antioxidants to 8 serves of fruits and vegetable in just one delicious glass. This is the one of affordable way to get the nourishment and to prevent the risk of poor health and boost your vitality.

Additional Information


Total Serves per Package: 30

Serving Size: 1 scoop (7.5g)

  Per 7.5g Serve Per 100g
Energy 66.5 kJ 887 kJ
Protein 2.2 g 29 g
Carbohydrate 1.1 g 14.7 g
Sugar 0.1 g 1.3 g
Fibre 0.9 g 12 g
Fat 0.3 g 4 g
Saturated Fat 0.1 g 1.3 g
Sodium 67 mg 893 mg


NOTE: Ingredients and Nutrition Information are for Lemon Ginger Flavour. These may slightly vary depending on different flavours. 

Super Green Whole Food Blend 
Japanese Matcha Green Tea (Camellia Senensis) 900mg
Wild Crafted Mint Leaf

Other Ingredients/Information
Natural Lemon Extract, Stevia Leaf Extract.

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