Ultimate Colloidal Silver 500ml by Medicines From Nature (Ross Gardiner)


50 PPM Silver

Product Description

Ultimate Colloidal Silver is a traditionally prepared, hand packed bacteriostatic water treatment with a guaranteed 50 parts per million for maximum potency. Made with ultra pure 99.999% silver and bottled in amber glass, Ultimate Colloidal Silver is competitively priced and effective with an excellent shelf life.

  • High Strength – Ultra-Fine Particle Size
  • Made From 99.999%+ Pure Silver
  • 10 Stage Laboratory Water Filtration
  • Exclusively Packed by Hand

High-potency traditionally made colloidal silver with guaranteed 50 parts per million

Ingredients: De-ionized water, Silver (ag) 50ppm (50mg/L)

Suggested Use: To sanitise water add 5 drops per 250ml of water and allow to stand for 30 minutes.

No added dairy, gluten, sugar, artificial flavouring or preservatives

Warnings: Always read the label. Use only as directed. Keep Out of Reach of Children

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Additional Information
Our Brands Medicines From Nature
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