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  • Vitamin D3 1000 250 Capsules by Carusos Natural Health Vitamin D3 1000 250 Capsules by Carusos Natural Health

Vitamin D3 1000 250 Capsules by Carusos Natural Health

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250 Capsules

Bone & Immune Health

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Regular Price: $21.00

Special Price $16.95


We all need Vitamin D3. It’s essential for life and affects many parts of your body. One of its main health roles is in the formation, maintenance and preservation of strong, healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D3 helps the absorption of calcium into your bones. This is important because a deficiency of calcium can lead to osteoporosis later in life. Vitamin D3 helps you get the best possible benefit from the calcium you consume.

Low Vitamin D3 levels have emerged as a significant public health issue here in Australia. Vitamin D3 deficiency may not result in any obvious symptoms. But without it, there may be significant health effects.

Who’s most at risk of Vitamin D3 Deficiency? - A major reason many people suffer from inadequate Vitamin D3 levels is because of a lack of sun exposure. Plus as you age, your skin’s ability to make Vitamin D3 from sunlight exposure decreases. Also people with dark skin or who wear concealing clothing are at risk. So it makes sense to supplement with Caruso’s UltraMAX Vitamin D3. Caruso’s UltraMAX Vitamin D3 is an easy and convenient way to ensure you are getting enough Vitamin D3.

Is a lack of sun exposure really a problem in Australia? - Well actually it is! Even though we live in a generally sunny country, there are many things which can affect the amount of sunlight exposure you experience such as: the season, time of day, length of day, cloud cover, smog and sunscreen can also influence the amount of sun exposure you get. Even being indoors for long hours during the
day can make a difference.

Strong, healthy people need strong, healthy bones - You need strong, healthy bones to keep you active for life. This is why Vitamin D3 is so important.Adequate Vitamin D3 is required for maintaining normal calcium metabolism and is essential for strong healthy bones. Vitamin D plays an important role in helping to maintain proper bone structure. It helps in the normal formation of bone mass, so you have strong healthy teeth and bones.

Other health benefits of Vitamin D3 - Vitamin D3 is a versatile nutrient. It has protective properties and is critical for your long term health and wellbeing. In addition to bone health, Vitamin D3 may help to reduce the risk and incidence of fractures in elderly people. Plus Vitamin D3 helps support muscle strength, particularly in elderly people. It also supports muscle function. Vitamin D3 can help assist the normal formation and maintenance of healthy teeth. It may help provide support for your immune system. It is also beneficial for supporting your heart and cardiovascular system. Vitamin D3 assists in the maintenance of your general wellbeing.

Your daily dose of sunlight

Caruso’s UltraMAX Vitamin D3 contains 1,000IU of Vitamin D, which is the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D3 in Australia. And for your convenience, Caruso’s UltraMAX Vitamin D3 capsules are small, which makes them easy to swallow. Caruso’s UltraMAX Vitamin D3 offers your body many health benefits. None more so than helping with the formation, maintenance and preservation of strong, healthy bones. If you’re low in Vitamin D3, you may be prone to bone weakness, fractures and Osteoporosis.

Active Ingredients Per Capsule
Cholecalciferol 25mcg
 - equiv. vitamin D3 1000IU 1000IU

Directions: Adults take 1 capsule a day with main meal or as advised by your Healthcare Professional.

Warnings: Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your Healthcare Professional. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Take at least 2 hours away from pharmaceutical medications.

100% Money Back Guarantee  - Caruso’s Natural Health products are guaranteed to meet Frank Caruso’s high quality standards and are made under strict manufacturing processes. Frank Caruso is very confident about Caruso’s Natural Health Products So much so, he offers you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. See the product packages for details

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