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WheatFix Burn Spray by Dr Wheatgrass

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Promotes Rapid Healing of Minor Burns

$22.50 save $3.55 save 16%
$22.50 save $3.55 save 16%

WHEATFIX BURN SPRAY, an Australian-made product, was developed to satisfy the pressing need for an effective treatment for second degree (minor) burns. Particularly one that can quickly stop pain, be used orally, prevent infection and rapidly heal first and second degree burns without scarring.

All these demands have now been met by a safe, highly effective, pocket-sized spray.

WHEATFIX BURN SPRAY is suitable for oral use and unlike other minor burns products, WHEATFIX BURN SPRAY can be applied anywhere on the body. i.e. On the skin, and even in the mouth, ears and eyelids - parts of the body where no other burns product can be used.

  • Stop Pain in 24 Hours or Less
  • Keep Burn Wounds Infection Free
  • Heal Burn Wounds
  • Fast Relief of Sunburn Pain

Wheatgrass extract, the powerful bioactive used in WHEATFIX BURN SPRAY is a proven treatment for burns and ample research is available to support its efficacy.

Active Ingredient: Triticum aestivum Fresh Sprout Juice (3% W/W)

Warnings: Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist seek medical advice. 

0 Review(s) for "WheatFix Burn Spray by Dr Wheatgrass"
0 Review(s) for "WheatFix Burn Spray by Dr Wheatgrass"
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