Wild Red Krill Oil 500mg 60 Capsules by Blooms

60 Capsules

Cholesterol & Arthritis Support

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  • Wild Red Krill Oil 500mg 60 Capsules by Blooms
  • Wild Red Krill Oil 60 Capsules - Blooms
Product Description

Blooms Wild Red Krill Oil is 100% pure NKO®, sustainably sourced from the pristine waters of the Antarctic Ocean, making it naturally pure of heavy metals, dioxins and pesticides. Just one capsule per day of Blooms Wild Red Krill Oil can reduce arthritic symptoms within 1-2 weeks. The average person would need to take a far higher quantity of standard fish oil capsules daily for a similar result.

Blooms Wild Red Krill Oil is a natural source of astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant that helps fight free radicals. It is this carotenoid that gives krill oil its bright red colour.

EPA and DHA absorption
It is the form of DHA and EPA omega -3s that makes all the difference, not the amount. The omega -3s in Blooms Wild Red Krill Oil are attached to phospholipids, enabling the human body to absorb them easily so you can take less.

Joint inflammation and arthritis symptoms
Blooms Wild Red Krill Oil helps maintain healthy joints and assists in the relief/management of joint inflammation. Just one capsule per day can reduce inflammation and symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis within 7-14 days.

Cholesterol and Heart Health
Blooms Wild Red Krill Oil helps maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system and may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels in normal, healthy individuals. Two to three capsules per day supports a healthy LDL/HDL ratio in normal healthy individuals.

PMS Symptoms and more
Blooms Wild Red Krill Oil can help reduce PMS symptoms and can also help support normal eye and brain function.


Active Ingredients

Per Capsule

Euphausia superba (Wild Red Krill) oil




Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)


Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)


Astaxanthin 500mcg

No added gluten, yeast, milk derivatives, artificial colour, flavour or preservatives.

Directions: For arthritis relief: Take one capsule daily
For cardiovascular health: Take two capsules daily

Warnings: Use only as directed. Always read the label. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Warnings: This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with a nutritious diet and with an appropriate physical training or exercise program. This food is not suitable for children under the age of 15 or pregnant women. It should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision. Keep out of reach of children.

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